The Difficulties of Financing and Managing Your Private Practice

By properly contracting and negotiating with insurance companies, you can save your business tons of money. Starting a private practice is a risk that can leave practitioners in a financial hole. The day-to-day difficulties in the business of medicine require individuals in private practices to devote countless hours to such operations. Leaving practitioners with the responsibility of business affairs and … Read More

The Expense of Managing Business Operations in your Private Practice

Physicians lack the time and expertise necessary to run a successful private practice due to the lack of education on business matters within Medical Schools and residency programs; this leaves the majority of physicians with a preference to practice medicine over running a business. Dr. Jeffery Meltzer, an OB/GYN, explained practitioners’ inadequacy in the business realm as a response to … Read More

Benefits of Shared Medical Space

Having a medical practice to call your own is often ideal, but it is never as simple as it may seem. The financial restrictions and business complications that come alongside owning a medical practice space are often too overbearing for a medical provider to successfully excel. That’s where SuiteDoc comes in to help. With our fully stocked, fully operational medical … Read More

The Risks of Leaving your Practice Vulnerable to HIPAA Violation

As all Doctors can attest to, education is crucial for a life of success, and educating yourself on the HIPAA policies and standards are no different. Too many medical professionals are leaving their practice vulnerable to HIPAA violations due to a lack of education on the issue. With a fully HIPAA complaint team of consultants and managers, SuiteDoc’s expert staff … Read More

How Ignorance in HIPAA Regulations Can Cost You Up To $1.5 Million

Of the various HIPAA violations from 2018, some large medical groups and hospitals, such as a Cancer Center in Texas, we’re fined $4.3 million by the OCR when an unencrypted laptop was stolen. However, we continuously see many smaller medical practices that are paying the price. When one of the three doctors from an allergy group in Hartford Connecticut disclosed private … Read More

The Advantages of Coworking Spaces in the Medical Field

Through cutting edge management techniques and innovative shared office spaces, doctors are turning in their hectic, unused clinical space for an efficient, fully stocked, fully operational medical space.  One thing that practitioners seemingly despise more than too many tedious administrative tasks is a loss of profits. Often times practitioners benefit from multiple locations because it does not make financial sense … Read More

Working in a Hospital Spells More Hours for Less Pay

While more doctors are forgoing private practice ownership in an effort to increase efficiency and work-life balance, studies indicate this move could do just the opposite. Physicians with Ownership in their Practices Become the Minority. Last year marked the first time ever fewer patient care physicians were owners of practices than employees. The 2018 Physician Practice Benchmark Survey from the … Read More

Medical Practice Consultants: Three Reasons to Have Hired One Yesterday

Providing excellent patient care is only a small part of the equation to running a successful practice. Highly specialized areas of business require experienced experts. Yet, medical practitioners often take on the burden of running their entire practice themselves, leaving them overextended and at risk of liability when areas of concern go missed or unaddressed. Medical Practice Consultants can help … Read More

Meet SuiteDoc

When doctors no longer have the daily operations of their practice to worry about, they can focus on what really matters to them — patient care. Medical practices have become increasingly cumbersome to run. Yet, medical schools, residency programs, and fellowships rarely offer adequate training in healthcare administration and business management, leaving newly minted doctors without the tools to run … Read More