What is SuiteDoc?

SuiteDoc is a new concept that combines an innovative specialty medical coworking center and traditional medical management team. Our medical management team is made up of professional staff and consultants who provide you with what your practice needs to succeed. We offer practitioners the highest caliber diagnostic equipment and facilities for your private practice use.

Just put your personal belongings in a locker and start your work day without any delay or administrative concerns. Take care of your patients while we take care of your business.

SuiteDoc Memberships Give Practitioners Access to:

We are a Growing Membership Community that Offers:

  • Facilities that are strategically located based on patient population and medical needs
  • A community of fully operational exam rooms for lease by the hour
  • Procedure/diagnostic equipment for lease by the hour
  • Office rooms and conference rooms
  • Professional Consultants who specialize in Comprehensive Management Services

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